Definition of hit the mark in US English:

hit the mark


  • Be successful in an attempt or accurate in a guess.

    • ‘With a couple of million of you reading today's Times, your collective predictions stand an extraordinarily good chance of hitting the mark.’
    • ‘Fewer than 150 schools across the whole country managed the same results with all 37 pupils at Sacred Heart hitting the mark.’
    • ‘He hits the mark from time to time with witty dialogue.’
    • ‘It doesn't quite hit the mark, but the attempt is often engrossing.’
    • ‘This is a pity, because she almost hits the mark.’
    • ‘Both reasons are plausible, but neither quite hits the mark.’
    • ‘When he hits the mark, Lee's a sharp observer of the silly side of life.’
    • ‘In addition, his attempts at sarcasm do not always hit the mark; some come off as confusing and inappropriate.’
    • ‘But I don't think either of these explanations hits the mark.’
    • ‘Since that's almost impossible, most authors agree it's best simply to write a darned good story - and hope it hits the mark.’
    have the intended effect, make the intended impression, strike home, hit the mark, be registered, be understood, be comprehended, get through, sink in
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