Definition of hit someone between the eyes (or in the eye) in US English:

hit someone between the eyes (or in the eye)


  • Be very obvious or impressive.

    ‘he wouldn't notice talent if it hit him right between the eyes’
    • ‘The material wreckage just hits you in the eye before you even reach the city limits: pockmarked scattering of half-constructed, vacant high rise buildings.’
    • ‘‘When you get to Geraldton there's nothing that hits you in the eye,’ he said.’
    • ‘It was one of those things that hit us between the eyes.’
    • ‘SITTING THROUGH an exceptionally bad movie, how often have you wondered why the people behind the film failed to notice the glaring flaws that hit you in the eye?’
    • ‘The consistency of the brûlée was slightly on the heavy side, but the flavour was rich and the vanilla hit you between the eyes.’
    • ‘It doesn't grow on you, it just hits you between the eyes on first listen and goes, ‘Yeah?’’
    • ‘What hit you between the eyes, however, was the paucity of any real programme or policy agenda emerging from the party of the Right.’
    • ‘I do not often think that way about life in general, but occasionally - today, for instance - it just hits me between the eyes: this is hard.’
    • ‘It was the sort of place where the poverty hits you between the eyes, pollution clogs the air and crumbling tower blocks rise from the ground like broken old teeth.’
    • ‘And all this hits you between the eyes when you see it for the first time.’