Definition of hit someone below the belt in US English:

hit someone below the belt


  • 1Give one's opponent an illegal low blow.

    • ‘The bout turned nasty in the fourth, when Johnson - for the second time in the fight - hit Ruiz below the belt with a hard left hook.’
    • ‘He described Dube as a ‘dirty’ boxer who was always hitting him below the belt and throwing punches after the bell.’
    • ‘Then Machimane hit Nel below the belt and the fight was temporarily stopped to give the champion time to recover.’
    1. 1.1 Behave unfairly to someone, especially so as to gain an unfair advantage.
      • ‘If all of them are forced to pay royalty for every song they sing, they will be hit below the belt.’
      • ‘To top it all off, Walter's sudden fierceness hit her below the belt, and her legs suddenly went wobbly with desire.’
      • ‘Carly is hurt by the comment and it hits her below the belt.’
      • ‘‘The department is hitting us below the belt,’ said Mbilini.’
      • ‘‘Pattni appears to have hit Kenya below the belt at a time when the country was at its weakest,’ wrote the East African Standard.’
      • ‘First you hit them below the belt by making it harder for them to get elected.’