Definition of hit-or-miss in US English:



  • As likely to be unsuccessful as successful.

    ‘her work can be hit-or-miss’
    • ‘Zachery is generally punished for his bad behavior with time-outs, a parenting tool that is often a hit-or-miss proposition.’
    • ‘Short stories tend to be hit-or-miss, and even some of the stories found here didn't seem to grab or hold my attention.’
    • ‘But he is usually hit-or-miss in terms of his actual work.’
    • ‘The fighting from the insurgents has been described as sort of hit or miss or haphazard.’
    • ‘It's just that your actions can be a little hit-or-miss.’
    • ‘He said most intelligence-led drug raids were ‘very basic in nature, involving a hit-or-miss strategy.’’
    • ‘This method of attack is pretty much hit or miss, and isn't bad for a quick thrill.’
    • ‘The last of the six punchy paragraphs on the latter is fairly typical of Hamilton's hit-or-miss procedure throughout the book.’
    • ‘The only problem thus far is that the reception in my office is hit-or-miss.’
    • ‘Mexican dining in Montreal is pretty hit-or-miss.’
    haphazard, disorganized, undisciplined, erratic, unmethodical, uneven, careless, slapdash, slipshod, casual, offhand, remiss, cursory, lackadaisical, perfunctory, random, aimless, undirected, indiscriminate, trial-and-error
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/ˈˌhid ôr ˈmis/