Definition of historical materialism in US English:

historical materialism


  • another term for dialectical materialism
    • ‘In his programmatic pronouncements about historical materialism, Marx does not specifically mention science in the superstructure.’
    • ‘In that same year Arturo Labriola published his most important work on historical materialism.’
    • ‘The working class uprisings against Stalinism did not refute historical materialism.’
    • ‘Perhaps more than the other animisms, historical materialism is based on a total confusion of the categories of value and knowledge.’
    • ‘Interesting, but can Stoppard always have been so ignorant as to have thought that socialism was synonymous with historical materialism?’
    • ‘What this sad old song reveals about Mr. Daniels is his failure to truly have embraced historical materialism.’
    • ‘In sum, scientific atheism was not a science or even a social science but a Marxist-inspired faith in the moral superiority of belief in historical materialism.’
    • ‘One notable example of non-Marxist historical materialism is Hannah Arendt's The Origins Of Totalitarianism.’
    • ‘In the next section we will outline some of the central features of the Marxist approach - or historical materialism as it is often known.’
    • ‘Among the party theoreticians is Michael Nier, a former university teacher of historical materialism in the GDR.’
    • ‘Our first task, though, is to set out Marx's underlying theory of history: historical materialism.’
    • ‘In our opinion this theme could provide the subject matter for the most fruitful work of our Marxist seminars on historical materialism.’
    • ‘Perhaps, then, I could put in a word for historical materialism?’
    • ‘So there we are, Kamm's tortoise is belly up and, for what its worth, only historical materialism can stand it back on its feet.’
    • ‘The idea of a propaganda department is basically against the historical materialism of Karl Marx.’
    • ‘This is at heart a study of labor relations in the production of coffee, through the framework of historical materialism.’
    • ‘The Juche idea is quite unlike Marxist historical materialism.’
    • ‘Marx has applied his theory of historical materialism to capitalist society in both The Communist Manifesto and Das Kapital, among others.’
    • ‘This kind of thinking isn't historical materialism.’
    • ‘He indicates, for example, that his own method of interpretation is that of historical materialism.’