Definition of Hispanic American in US English:

Hispanic American


  • A US citizen or resident of Hispanic descent.

    • ‘No less than 37 Hispanic Americans have received the Medal of Honor, America's highest military decoration.’
    • ‘Nearly 60 percent of Hispanic Americans are of Mexican descent.’
    • ‘Sickle cell disease affects about 1 in 500 African Americans and 1 in 1,000 Hispanic Americans.’
    • ‘Cuban Americans are better off financially than other Hispanic Americans and nearly as well off as the average American.’
    • ‘Mexican Americans form the largest group of Hispanic Americans, at over 12,000,000.’
    • ‘Everybody knows Hispanic Americans are a critical constituency - not just in this election but in every election to come.’
    • ‘This may be in part because Hispanic Americans have a slightly higher consumption of vitamin D than African Americans, as well as lighter skin.’
    • ‘Latinos, or Hispanic Americans, constitute the second-largest and most rapidly growing distinctive ethnic group in the United States.’
    • ‘African American, Asian American, and white elderly patients appear to use critical care similarly, and less than Hispanic Americans.’
    • ‘Like other Hispanic Americans, Panamanians greet friends and relatives more demonstratively than is the custom in the United States.’
    • ‘But for us, Mexicans, Spaniards and Hispanic Americans, what is certain is that language is a factor of pride and unity.’
    • ‘Asian Americans have fewer birth defects than Native Americans, Caucasians, or African Americans, but more than Hispanic Americans.’
    • ‘Nationwide, the average dropout rate for Hispanic Americans already stands at a staggering 30 percent, nearly four times that of white students.’
    • ‘It was a Noah's Ark of Americans: African-Americans and whites, Hispanic Americans and Asians, and men and women I am sure of every faith.’
    • ‘African Americans, Hispanic Americans, women, and laborers all can attest to this fact.’
    • ‘For Hispanic Americans, the figure is a mere 10 percent.’
    • ‘African Americans, Hispanic Americans, and Asian Americans have a higher risk of stroke than nonHispanic whites.’
    • ‘How many Hispanic Americans are in the United States?’


  • Relating to or denoting Hispanic Americans.

    • ‘Traditional medical remedies are readily available in many areas with large Hispanic American populations.’
    • ‘Debate raged over whether Asian American and Hispanic American immigrant children should be taught in English or in their own languages.’
    • ‘Furthermore, the Hispanic American economy in the US generates almost $400 billion a year - more than the Gross National Product of Mexico.’
    • ‘They are models of certain important continuities of Hispanic American life throughout time.’
    • ‘Martinez is a bona-fide American hero and the first Hispanic American since Vietnam to receive the Navy Cross.’
    • ‘African-American and Hispanic American students will graduate with more debt than a white student.’
    • ‘McKay likes to entertain the possibility that he may have been Hispanic American because ‘then you might get some native American, too‘.’
    • ‘African-American and Hispanic American students, on the other hand, favored consumer goods and pharmaceutical companies like Johnson & Johnson and Coca-Cola.’
    • ‘In all, 27 minority office-seekers, predominantly Hispanic American, received money, mostly small donations.’
    • ‘Among the sample, 45% were African American, 45% were white, 5% were Hispanic American, and 5% were Asian American.’
    • ‘The reported ethnic backgrounds of the children were African American, European American, and Hispanic American.’
    • ‘She was the first Hispanic American to serve as a judge in New York's Southern District.’
    • ‘Robinson said the company was considering ways to broaden its media reach and better target diverse audiences like the burgeoning Hispanic American community.’
    • ‘She is the only Hispanic American woman to write for major U.S. publishing houses, including Dell, Bantam, and Harper.’
    • ‘It's starting to creep into the African American and Hispanic American communities.’