Definition of hired man in US English:

hired man


North American
  • 1A male domestic servant.

    • ‘Two days later, hired men came to work sporting a gold wristwatch.’
    • ‘Why don't you two place yourselves in charge, but delegate the less important matters to a hired man?’
    • ‘But both hired men were quickly convinced of HRM's merits by the undeniable evidence in the pasture.’
    • ‘The hatchet job is done by hired men, who usually get Rs 100 in cash, a biryani packet and two bottles of liquor (whisky or rum) per day.’
    • ‘Did a passerby chance to see the danger, or a hired man?’
    • ‘It noted that, as models for their work, the Andersons used their cook Emma and hired men from the Transient Bureau, a New Deal Relief Agency.’
    • ‘She looked up surprised and realized that this man was not a sailor of a hired man.’
    • ‘The hired man shouted for Mrs. Rooney, but there was no reply.’
    • ‘He penciled in smoke drifting from the chimneys of the hired men's house, the office, and the ministry's dwelling.’
    • ‘I also remembered watching my uncle's hired man whitewash the interior of the dairy barn.’
    • ‘He tells Tom, ‘I see now I was working for you like a hired man, and while you were away I sold your property’.’
    • ‘Nichols, if I thought I'd hired men like that, I would quit your employment at once.’
    • ‘The call came in soon as he heard the voice of his hired man.’
    • ‘Kira turned to the three remaining hired men, ice glazing her beautiful brown eyes.’
    • ‘The man, the hired man who was to give her away to her groom, was looking down and wore a big, black cowboy hat.’
    • ‘He was our hired man for a while when I was growing up.’
    • ‘Officered by the commercial leaders of the city, their rank and file comprised mainly apprentices and hired men rather than householders.’
    • ‘Certainly, like one of Frost's hired men, we have to make allowances for each other's ignorance.’
    • ‘There was still no hired man named Jose who would help me balance my checkbook.’
    • ‘He told his father that Greg and Jared were staying with the two hired men at his home.’
    1. 1.1
      another term for hired hand


hired man

/ˈhī(ə)rd man/