Definition of hired girl in US English:

hired girl


North American
  • A female domestic servant.

    • ‘His primary tool for mediating this exchange is his romanticization of the hired girls, and especially of Antonia.’
    • ‘Jim thinks Antonia is the most beautiful out of all the hired girls.’
    • ‘Off course she had a hired girl or some volunteer to help her in running the center as her stout body tired now and again.’
    • ‘To wash a load of clothes, housewives and hired girls (slaves in the South) had to carry full buckets of water some distance.’
    • ‘It is for their position both in and out of Black Hawk homes that Jim comes to believe in the hired girls as a certain possibility of redemption.’
    • ‘After a trip to see Dr. Buck, Zeena decides to force Mattie to leave and bring on a new hired girl to oversee the household chores.’
    • ‘The hired girls especially identify with the plough; they all had to help their families with the farms: herding cattle, growing crops, and threshing wheat.’
    • ‘The young men all want to dance with the hired girls.’