Definition of hipbone in US English:



  • A large bone forming the main part of the pelvis on each side of the body and consisting of the fused ilium, ischium, and pubis.

    Also called innominate bone
    • ‘The sample is usually taken from the back of the hip bone, or sometimes the breast bone.’
    • ‘These sit in between your hip bones and the sacrum bone in your lower back.’
    • ‘Ironically, the hip bone hurts the inner thighs when a gal is sitting on the guy.’
    • ‘This requires a bone marrow examination from the crest of the hip bone using local anesthesia.’
    • ‘You should not be able to feel the sacral vertebrae between the hip bones.’
    • ‘During the operation, selected patients were given two types of stem cells taken from their hip bones.’
    • ‘Some of the patients had stem cells taken from their hip bones and injected into 25-30 sites in the damaged heart muscle.’
    • ‘And it was like every week I would see my reflection of my back and see more bones coming out, more ribs, more hip bones.’
    • ‘There is nothing you can do to alter your clavicles or hip bones, so you need to focus on widening your delts and upper lats.’
    • ‘Check that your pubic bone and hip bones are level, the pelvis neither tucked nor arched - this is your neutral pelvis position.’
    • ‘I want my shoulder bones to show, and my hip bones to stick out so high that my jeans don't touch my stomach.’
    • ‘I had been in a severe auto accident and suffered many broken bones, including broken ribs and a chipped hip bone.’
    • ‘His thumbs stroked my hip bones as I folded my arms up by my side and shivered.’
    • ‘Cells are aspirated from the bone marrow of the crest of the hip bone using a needle and syringe with local anesthesia.’
    • ‘I also bruised my hip bone and sprained all the ligaments.’
    • ‘Then we're going to cut into your hip and take marrow from what's called your iliac bone, basically just your upper hip bone.’
    • ‘The bones in her elbows poked out on either side of her arms and her hip bones barely held up her short skirt.’
    • ‘And two feet meant the possibility of two legs, connected to the hip bones, a ribcage, arms, collarbone and skull.’
    • ‘This tilting of the pelvis is effected by the gluteal muscles, which connect the ilium of the hip bone to the lower limb.’
    • ‘The treatment involved stem cells taken from his hip bone being injected back into his coronary artery.’