Definition of hip roof in English:

hip roof

(also hipped roof)


  • A roof with the ends inclined, as well as the sides.

    • ‘A large red hip roof barn will be developed into a central gathering place for recreation, food and drinks.’
    • ‘The hip roof with four chimneys, for example, duplicates the roof of Charles Symonds's house.’
    • ‘It may be that the change in form and lack of central posts reflect a shift from a hip roof with interior roof supports to a gable roof with a large central beam support.’
    • ‘In the spirit of the colonial revival, they replaced the Victorian era mansard roof with a hip roof with dormers.’
    • ‘The hip roof is punctuated with four tall chimneys, and at the base of the elaborate cornice is a finely carved rope molding.’
    • ‘There were gable roofs, modified Dutch hips and even pagoda-style curved hip roofs.’
    • ‘All that is then missing is the end opposite the hip roof.’
    • ‘Like most of their Mississippian predecessors, they were of wall-trench construction and are interpreted as having had gable or hip roofs.’
    • ‘It is a two-story square colonial with a double hip roof.’
    • ‘With its adobe walls and Dutch hip roof, the home borrows from both Sonoran and Territorial styles.’
    • ‘Like Feature 7 at the Vaughn Branch site, it contained a central post, reflecting a gable or hip roof construction.’