Definition of hip boot in US English:

hip boot


  • A waterproof boot that reaches the hip.

    • ‘Another major hazard in the fall is hip boots and waders.’
    • ‘You can buy a camouflage hip boot set from L.L. Bean, or find an appropriate set at any fine sporting goods store near you.’
    • ‘La Crosse also has a line of hip boots and waders in various styles for the hunter in extremely wet conditions.’
    • ‘I can get by with these waterproof boots and not have to put up with the bother or discomfort of wearing hip boots or waders.’
    • ‘I could have borrowed his hip boots and wandered in to find it myself.’
    • ‘Their essential equipment included pick and shovel, a pan for separating gold particles from gravel and sand, rubber hip boots, and a strong back.’
    • ‘His hip boots and willow creel, along with a fly rod, define him as a fly fisher.’
    • ‘Oh, when I got seriously into waterfowling 35 years or so ago, all waders and hip boots were made of vulcanized rubber.’
    • ‘It will be a good idea to wear hip boots and take care of cuts and scrapes before the toxic slush turns them into festering sores.’