Definition of hip-huggers in US English:


(also hiphuggers)

plural noun

North American
  • Pants hanging from the hips rather than from the waist.

    • ‘She was wearing tight blue jean hip-huggers, a white spaghetti strapped shirt, and a tight white fishnet top.’
    • ‘I stripped my clothes off and slipped into a pair of tight hip-huggers and a black sweater that showed some of my stomach.’
    • ‘I was wearing light blue hip-huggers, that flared out near the ankles, with a thin striped tee.’
    • ‘I held up a pair of hip-huggers and studied my reflection.’
    • ‘Mary was wearing blue hip-huggers with a pink tank top.’
    • ‘Pulling on her hip-huggers Jazlyn felt the disgust she always felt when pulling on these ‘revealing’ pants.’
    • ‘I spied a man with pickle-colored hair one night, next to a claque of aspiring models zipped into airtight hip-huggers.’
    • ‘Five minutes later Audrey walked out in a blue low-cut shirt and hip-huggers.’
    • ‘The jeans were slightly big, but hip-huggers were the style these days anyway.’
    • ‘They were hip-huggers as well, and my shirt was fortunately long enough to cover all of my stomach.’
    • ‘After the women traded their hip-huggers for looser-fitting clothes, their symptoms disappeared.’
    • ‘They make a swirl of cargo pants and flip-flops, of hip-huggers and college T-shirts.’
    • ‘The girls favor low-cut hip-huggers and bangs curled under with a curling iron, à la 1972.’
    • ‘I walked into my dressing room and pulled on stylishly tight hip-huggers and a black baby tee shirt.’
    • ‘Faith picked out a pair of faded, blue jean, hip-huggers and a blue jean tube top that zipped closed in the front.’
    • ‘It's time to face the fact that unilateralism, like hip-huggers and flashmobs, is a summer fad that just hasn't worked out.’
    • ‘The pants were dark blue denim hip-huggers with bright blue seams.’
    • ‘How small she looked in her snug black hip-huggers, nothing on top but a tank top, sweater tied at the waist.’
    • ‘I pulled out a pair of hip-huggers, underwear, a tank-top, a bra and a pair of socks.’
    • ‘The jeans were hip-huggers, pink as well, but a neon pink, complete with a butterfly belt buckle.’



/hɪp ˈhəɡərz//hip ˈhəɡərz/