Definition of Himyarite in US English:



  • A member of an ancient people of the southwestern part of the Arabian peninsula, who ruled much of southern Arabia before the 6th century AD.

    • ‘In Arabia, whole tribes converted to Judaism, including two kinds of the Himyarites.’
    • ‘The most famous of the Himyarites were Ziad Al-Jamhur, Quda'a and Sakasic.’
    • ‘They were also called the Himyarites or the Yemenites.’
    • ‘Like their predecessors, the Himyarites used the nomadic Arabs as auxiliaries in their armies, Robin adds, particularly from the 3rd century AD onwards.’
    • ‘The monuments of these Himyarites were inscribed with an obsolete and mysterious alphabet.’
    • ‘There is good reason to think that the Himyarites were allied to Palmyra in the great rebellion against Rome in the 270's.’
    • ‘An Arabian author mentions other tribes beside the Himyarites as adherents of Judaism, viz., the Banu Kinana Banu Hareth ben Kab, and Kinda.’
    • ‘Abu Qarib Asad who was the king of Yemen introduced Judaism among the idolatrous Himyarites.’
    • ‘The Himyarites prospered in the incense, myrrh and spice trade until the Romans began to open the sea routes through the Red Sea.’
    • ‘The Himyarites had by this time formed an alliance with the Persians and defeated the Ethiopian invaders.’


  • Relating to the Himyarites.

    • ‘Sabaean and Himyarite inscriptions can be found on the gate of Shibam, especially in the mosque and in other older constructions.’
    • ‘However, it is believed that the last Himyarite kings had ruled Yemen from Sana'a, namely from the palace of Ghumdan.’
    • ‘In the past several of the Himyarite monarchs converted to Judaism though apparently their descendants had tended to revert to paganism.’
    • ‘A number of ancient empires, including the Minaean, Sabaean, and Himyarite, flourished in southern Yemen.’
    • ‘After the Christian era the Himyarite coinage loses much of its importance, and the execution becomes more and more barbarous.’
    • ‘The belief that the graves of the Himyarite kings are full of jewelry leads many people to dig them up in order to steal what is inside.’
    • ‘Sometime after the 3rd century, the Himyarite ruling family converted to Judaism, making Judaism the ruling religion.’
    • ‘Yet the kingdom was not Jewish, and its monotheism was but an expression of Himyarite independence.’
    • ‘The town leaders climbed down the well next to where the Himyarite castle used to be in the walled city.’


From the name Himyar(the name of a traditional king of Yemen) + -ite.