Definition of himbo in US English:



humorous, informal
  • An attractive but unintelligent man.

    ‘how did she trick audiences conditioned to drool over himbos into falling for a middle-aged guy with a slight case of rheumatism?’
    • ‘She's not going to get over him by locking lips and bumping hips with some pretty little himbo!’
    • ‘But this blond himbo's eagerness to hog credit for the Mystery Gang's success prompts an acrimonious breakup.’
    • ‘He does seem like just a pretty face without much going on upstairs (a '30s version of the himbo).’
    • ‘This was a lot of theory to put on a hitherto monosyllabic himbo's shoulders.’
    • ‘The blond himbo can actually make a decision?’
    • ‘I've got nothing against old people, but you'd never have a woman in her 60s presenting with a himbo.’
    • ‘It's truly sad when an animated bit of celluloid from 1969 has more personality, charisma, and raw sex appeal than our bleached bland himbo Fred.’


1980s: blend of him and bimbo.