Definition of hillock in English:



  • A small hill or mound.

    • ‘Trekking need not necessarily be in hillocks and mountains.’
    • ‘Strictly speaking this nowhere was situated in a hillock with moor.’
    • ‘We reached a meadow, a valley amidst hillocks called the Muthankolly Valley.’
    • ‘All these actions together have helped BT reduce its debt mountain to a small hillock.’
    • ‘Bisho high-rise buildings dot the horizon and small hillocks surround the village of Masingata, close to King William's Town.’
    • ‘Le Moulin Rouge is an exotic nightclub situated in Montmartre, a community on the Butte hillock overlooking Paris.’
    • ‘This is the top of Pole Hill, a wooded hillock in Norman Tebbitt's old stomping round of Chingford.’
    • ‘Night was nearly there, only a thin ribbon of crimson haze touched the brink of the hillocks.’
    • ‘There are several hillocks, but the actual summit has a good cairn to reassure you that you have indeed reached the top!’
    • ‘The hillocks were twice the men's height and wetter even than the grass.’
    • ‘Some hillocks look like peaks in deep brown red stretching high into the sky.’
    • ‘Thus, not all growth hillocks are growth spirals, however; such hillocks are much less common.’
    • ‘A company of Kurushan archers surrounded the small hillock as their warriors ahead of them drew up their shields.’
    • ‘The hillock in which the cave lies is wooded and beautiful.’
    • ‘To get to the cemetery, Pat and I had to negotiate rivers of mud and hillocks of cows' droppings.’
    • ‘One common surface microtopographic feature is a growth hillock, a small mound on a crystal face.’
    • ‘For example, the mountain that is little more than a hillock may be climbed in an hour.’
    • ‘This has given rise to fears whether the hillock, with many folklores about it, would soon vanish from Muttara.’
    • ‘The great forest spread like a pine-sea over the rolling hillocks and thin meadows of the arctic-like spring.’
    • ‘For no less than three miles this vast upland of hillocks and brows roll on, serried knolls which appear to stretch onwards into infinity.’
    mound, small hill, prominence, eminence, elevation, rise, knoll, hummock, hump, tump, dune, barrow, tumulus
    bank, ridge
    knap, monticle
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