Definition of hill start in US English:

hill start


  • An act of starting to drive a vehicle from a stationary position on an incline.

    ‘a badly bungled hill start’
    • ‘In your mind make a perfect hill start, now tell yourself how good you feel and do it again.’
    • ‘They will be watching for safe, confident riding skills including emergency stop, hill starts, and u-turns.’
    • ‘For some reason the handbrake is so far over it's almost in your passenger's lap, which could be embarrassing during a hill start.’
    • ‘I had aced my emergency stop and my hill start, and we were on our way to do a three-point turn.’
    • ‘Pulling away from multiple hill starts in third gear put load on the clutch, which began to burn and slip.’
    • ‘Many motorists seemed to think that the only way to make progress on a hill start was to floor the accelerator.’
    • ‘New drivers soon found out that insurance, petrol costs and hill starts were not the only things they should be worried about.’
    • ‘There's an electric parking button that does the job of a handbrake, and for a hill start you simply accelerate as you would with an automatic.’
    • ‘It is equipped with the full range of braking, traction control and stability systems on the market today, and a unique function to facilitate smooth hill starts.’
    • ‘I am asked to do a hill start, reverse around a corner and into a parking space.’
    • ‘I do a slow hill start and edge the front wheel out of it, and then carry on, going slowly to get the back wheel across.’
    • ‘I remember the day I was doing a hill start during a lesson and balanced the clutch and the gas so well that when I let down the hand-brake, the car neither rolled backwards nor lurched forwards.’
    • ‘The car test just involved a bit of driving and then a hill start.’
    • ‘Never mind the hill start, what about the handbrake turn?’
    • ‘The car simplifies hill starts by holding automatically until the driver accelerates away.’