Definition of highwayman in English:



  • A man, typically on horseback, who held up travelers at gunpoint in order to rob them.

    • ‘At first glance, the highwaymen and payroll robbers of early twentieth-century Chicago seem cool, deliberate, and calculated.’
    • ‘This was a reference to the place's reputation in the past as a dangerous spot for highwaymen and brigands.’
    • ‘Although known as a highwayman and a robber, he was sentenced to death for horse stealing, and hanged on April 19, 1739.’
    • ‘Eighteenth century playwrights and novelists often made their hero a criminal, a highwayman or confidence trickster.’
    • ‘The two had met on the road a few months before, and shared some adventures involving various bands of brigands and highwaymen.’
    bandit, brigand, robber, outlaw, ruffian, desperado, plunderer, marauder, raider, ravager, pillager, freebooter, criminal, thug, gangster
    bandolero, ladrone
    knight of the road, footpad, land pirate, tobyman
    reaver, snaphance, thief errant
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