Definition of higher-order in US English:



  • Involving reasoning of a high level.

    ‘higher-order cognitive skills’
    ‘higher-order learning’
    • ‘Art requires higher-order thinking.’
    • ‘Apparently, most students perceived that the assignment required collection and presentation of information instead using the information to formulate their own views, therefore, they did not exhibit strong competence in higher-order thinking skills.’
    • ‘McCarthy's formalism is fairly conservative; though it raises interesting logical issues in higher-order logic and complexity, it uses familiar logical frameworks.’
    • ‘This seemed to me as close to a functional definition of higher-order consciousness as I would be able to give her.’
    • ‘I see employers being more concerned with what I call the higher-order business skills: judgment, effective communication, and leadership.’
    • ‘What gives higher-order volitions their significance is that they typically reflect the agent's conception of what she has reason to do (or be).’
    • ‘Efforts at sensemaking can be interpreted as a higher-order form of experiential learning.’
    • ‘Unconscious mental states are unconscious precisely in that we lack the relevant higher-order states about them.’
    • ‘The construction and reworking of our higher-order desires is what integrates us over time, shaping our more immediate urges and longings and lending contour to our lives.’
    • ‘Participating in small-group activities develops higher-order thinking skills and enhances individual abilities to use knowledge.’
    • ‘The repetition of material via a different format likely contributed to the increase observed in higher-order learning as much as the use of a case study.’
    • ‘Fourth, greater employee discretion and responsibility require higher-order cognitive competences, such as decision making and problem solving.’
    • ‘While survival advantages are afforded to intelligence, there is no evidence to show that higher-order intellectual capacity correlates with reproductive success.’
    • ‘With this hierarchy that was proposed almost 50 years ago, the possibility of teaching to accomplish higher-order learning objectives was raised.’
    • ‘The greenhouse industry is in need of highly trained undergraduates having higher-order thinking skills.’
    • ‘Our goal was to develop an e-learning environment that stimulates the higher-order cognitive skills of students such as geographic abstraction and critical thinking.’
    rational, capable of thought
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