Definition of highbush cranberry in US English:

highbush cranberry


  • A shrub of the honeysuckle family, with round clusters of white flowers followed by red berries.

    Viburnum trilobum, family Caprifoliaceae

    Compare with guelder rose
    • ‘The understory in parts of the reserve is dense, consisting of willows (Salix sp.), twinberry (Lonicera sp.), devil's club, highbush cranberry, wild rose (Rosa sp.), and numerous annual plants.’
    • ‘Herbal antispasmodics such as Jamaican dogwood, cramp bark (or highbush cranberry) and catnip can be used for relaxing muscle tension and spasms.’
    • ‘I also have wild plums, wild grapes, pincherries and highbush cranberries.’


highbush cranberry

/ˈhībo͝oSH ˌkranberē/