Definition of high spot in English:

high spot


  • The most enjoyable or significant part of an experience or period of time.

    ‘perhaps that summer will mark the high spot of my life’
    • ‘But there are several other seasonal high spots.’
    • ‘He thought that the high spots of his career were giving the Blake-Marsh lecture on Down's syndrome and nutrition and his research successes on the ageing process in Down's syndrome.’
    • ‘The high spot of her set is the Joni Mitchell medley.’
    • ‘Our ambassador held the obligatory reception for HRH, the high spot of which was Prince Philip's story of his arrival in Phuket.’
    • ‘AT 30, Matthew Berlow is convinced he has already experienced the high spot of his legal career.’
    • ‘One high spot was the presence of Pedro Ximenes, PX to its friends, on the wine list - like liquid Christmas pudding.’
    • ‘Adrian rates his medal winning performances at the Manchester Commonwealth Games as the high spot of his career so far, but is looking forward to his first Olympics.’
    • ‘We ordered two caramel apple pies, one with custard, which Anthony declared the high spot of the meal.’
    • ‘A high spot was definitely a young cellist, Stefan Handjiev, in National Radio's Christmas Concert - an absolute show-stopper.’
    • ‘I went to his dressing room to talk to him afterwards, and to tell him that playing with him had been one of the high spots of my career so far.’
    • ‘One of the traditional high spots of the world rally calendar, the Rally Argentina is renowned for the challenge of its stages, the breathtaking beauty of its landscapes and the unfailingly warm welcome of the local population.’
    • ‘Ilkley Summer Festival founder, Anne Hawkesworth, also believes Saturday's concert was a high spot in the in the festival programme.’
    • ‘He has been a long-time fan of The Smiths - taking a lot of ridicule in his younger days - and admits a high spot was seeing them at St George's Hall last October on his birthday.’
    • ‘Danny Pugh's goal was the high spot of an otherwise drab encounter at Elland Road.’
    • ‘For me at least, Live Aid will remain a high spot in my memories and Sir Bob a modern day hero…… but it still makes me feel old!’
    • ‘Her opposite number, and best mate of the hero, Willard Hewitt was played by Taylor Woods, whose efforts to learn to dance under the tuition of Chris Jarvis and the cast, was one of the comedy high spots of the evening.’
    • ‘Despite its shortcomings, the disc still has a few high spots.’
    • ‘His reading of Keats's Ode to a Grecian Urn was a high spot of the evening.’
    • ‘The choir will appear with the Mbawula Zulu Band and over the past three years this has been one of the high spots of the jazz weekend.’
    • ‘The high spot of last week's business was a debate on fur farming, even though there are no fur farms in Scotland.’
    peak, pinnacle, height, high point, highest point, summit, top
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  • hit the high spots

    • informal Visit the most exciting places in a town.

      • ‘He was probably hitting the high spots in Prague that night -and with some lovely Czech lady in tow, she wouldn't wonder.’
      • ‘They were supposedly going out to hit the high spots together, leaving me to throw some things into a bag and drive down to the cottage.’
      • ‘It would be a strange marriage, she thought, with Antoinette hitting the high spots in the big city, while her husband tended his vines here in the Périgord.’


high spot

/ˈhī ˌspät//ˈhaɪ ˌspɑt/