Definition of high seas in US English:

high seas

plural noun

the high seas
  • The open ocean, especially that not within any country's jurisdiction.

    ‘drift-net fishing on the high seas’
    ‘it has seized ships on the high seas and has shot down planes in international airspace’
    • ‘The bulk of the story is set on board a ship on the high seas towards the end of the Napoleonic Wars.’
    • ‘The signals were an essential measure to ensure safe navigation for vessels bound for the high seas.’
    • ‘He joined Scindia Steam Navigation as a sea cadet and sailed the high seas for the next 10 years.’
    • ‘In the early days the concern was piracy on the high seas.’
    • ‘Piracy has flourished on the high seas for as long as maritime commerce has existed between states.’
    • ‘This week we return to the Yorkshire coast for an altogether more swashbuckling tale of pirates on the high seas.’
    • ‘The helicopter crew also demonstrated how an injured man could be rescued from a fishing boat in the high seas.’
    • ‘In customary law, only the flag state has jurisdiction to enforce regulations applicable to vessels on the high seas.’
    • ‘It would have to be done in international waters, in the high seas while the vessel was in motion.’
    • ‘International straits are part of the high seas where freedom of navigation is guaranteed to all.’
    • ‘These men are modern-day pirates, bringing terror to the high seas.’
    • ‘Once oil is out of the ground, in tankers on the high seas, no single country can dictate its destination.’
    • ‘The U.S. Navy intercepts migrant ships on the high seas and sends bogus refugees home.’
    • ‘Owned by a German charity of the same name, one of the ship's missions is to assist boat people risking their lives on the high seas.’
    • ‘The early hours of last Wednesday morning saw the Jeanie Johnston hoist its sails yet again and head for the high seas.’
    • ‘After sailing lessons, join a crew for the competition and hit the high seas.’
    • ‘Jurisdiction over a vessel on the high seas resides solely with the State to which the vessel belongs.’
    • ‘Little explanation so far has been offered as to why he was left for so long on his vessel as it drifted on the high seas before a second helicopter was sent out.’
    • ‘The goods are thought to represent the cargoes of ships looted on the high seas.’
    • ‘There was a procession to St Margaret's Church for a special service of prayer for the men fighting the U-boat menace on the high seas.’


high seas

/ˈˌhaɪ ˈsiz/