Definition of high muck-a-muck in US English:

high muck-a-muck

(also high muckety-muck)


North American
  • A person in a position of authority, especially one who is overbearing or conceited.

    ‘he was once a high muckety-muck at the CIA’
    • ‘I'm lunching with Josh Jones, one of the high muck-a-mucks of Dreamhost, the company that hosts this website on its massive servers.’
    • ‘He also was the son of a high muck-a-muck in the Nixon administration so he could have had info to pass on before he got his job in the White House.’
    celebrity, famous person, very important person, personality, name, big name, famous name, household name, star, superstar, celebutante, leading light, mogul, giant, great, master, king, guru
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Mid 19th century: perhaps from Chinook hiyu ‘plenty’ + muckamuck ‘food’, from Nootka ḥayo ‘ten’ + ma˙ho˙maq- ‘choice wheatmeal’, with high substituted for hiyu.


high muck-a-muck

/ˌhī ˈməkəˌmək/