Definition of high hat in US English:

high hat


  • 1A tall hat, especially a top hat.

    • ‘He rented the high-hat and morning-suit finery at Moss Brothers and made the Ascot races on one of the days of high fashion.’
    • ‘They are often pictured as weird-looking skinny characters wearing high hats.’
    • ‘The elaborate dress of the gentleman - walking stick, coat, high hat - clearly identified him and allowed for a form of class-based ridicule, rather than a gender-based attack on masculinity.’
    1. 1.1North American informal A snobbish or supercilious person.
  • 2

    variant spelling of hi-hat


North American
  • Snobbish.

    ‘people say you're getting very high-hat since you lived on Riverside Drive’
    • ‘Forgive me if I sound high-hat - I don't think you can possibly understand it.’
    arrogant, proud, haughty, conceited, lofty, aloof, disdainful, superior, self-important, supercilious, exclusive
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North American
  • with object Act in a snobbish or supercilious manner toward (someone)

    ‘now that she had the ear of great men, Pamela high-hatted the old crowd’
    • ‘A male servant answered in a clipped East Prussian-accented German that annoyed Metz. Where did this flunky get off trying to high-hat people with that accent?’
    • ‘Nevertheless the Glasgow waitress is most attentive and friendly. But heaven help the customer who attempts to high-hat her.’
    • ‘‘If you talk like that,’ he was told, ‘they will think you are high-hatting them.’’


high hat

/ˈhī ˌhat/