Definition of high court in US English:

high court


  • 1A supreme court of justice.

    • ‘Smith's case had brought unusual drama to the normally sedate high court.’
    • ‘When she arrived at Cairo's high court last week for a disciplinary hearing against two pro-democracy judges, she was grabbed by several men.’
    • ‘Malawi's high court ordered local authorities to follow the law and either charge or release the five men, all of whom were foreigners.’
    • ‘The Canadians' own high court has recognized the Mi'kmaq's treaty right to earn a livelihood by fishing.’
    • ‘She notes that Canada's high court has held that to be constitutional, a law must promote equality.’
    1. 1.1 The US Supreme Court.
    2. 1.2US (in some US states) a superior court.
      • ‘President Bush won the state by 537 votes after three weeks of recounts and legal fighting - much of it before Florida's high court.’
      • ‘In November 2003, that state's high court ruled that the Massachusetts constitution guarantees gay couples the right to wed.’
      • ‘How did California's high court arrive at such a decision?’
      • ‘Brown - the first African American woman on California's high court - is a particularly controversial nominee.’
      • ‘Vermont's high court said that Dean's request to keep those sensitive documents secret is legal.’
    3. 1.3 (in England and Wales) the court of unlimited civil jurisdiction comprising three divisions: Queen's Bench, Chancery, and the Family Division.
      • ‘The case is expected to go before London's high court next year.’
      • ‘The only appeal is by way of judicial review in the high court - although aggrieved parents can also complain to the Local Government Ombudsman.’
      • ‘The legal battle, which included rulings by two Education Secretaries, a judicial review and a high court appeal hearing, is estimated to have cost the council £1m.’
      • ‘However, it underestimated the calibre of its policyholders, which included high court judges.’
      • ‘The case surrounding the two directors was heard at the High Court of Justice in London.’
    4. 1.4 (in the US) the supreme court in a state.
      • ‘In support of the first argument, strong reliance is placed upon the decision of the majority of the High Court of Justiciary in McIntosh v HM Advocate.’
      • ‘He was arrested in England and taken to Scotland, where he was put on trial before a jury in the High Court of Justiciary in Edinburgh.’
      • ‘He can appeal to the High Court of Justiciary if a sheriff decides to extradite him.’
      • ‘A spokesman for the High Court of Justiciary in Edinburgh said yesterday that a date had been fixed for a preliminary hearing in October.’
      • ‘I would hold therefore that the decision of the High Court of Justiciary to reduce the appellant's sentence by nine months in order to compensate him for the effects of the delay was an appropriate and sufficient remedy.’


high court

/ˌhaɪ ˈkɔrt//ˌhī ˈkôrt/