Definition of high-yielding in US English:



  • Producing a large amount of a product or a large financial return.

    ‘high-yielding grain crops’
    ‘a high-yielding investment’
    • ‘Early Latin writers also cited Illyria as source of a high-yielding vine that was introduced to Italy.’
    • ‘High-yielding corporate bonds (which are not as safe as government bonds) are an option for the more adventurous investor.’
    • ‘But new, high-yielding and disease-resistant flax varieties could help reestablish a North American flax fiber industry.’
    • ‘Worldwide starvation was averted because pioneering plant breeders developed new, high-yielding varieties of maize, wheat, and rice.’
    • ‘If you hold a high-yielding equity fund in a taxable brokerage account, you may have to pay taxes on that fund's dividend distributions.’
    • ‘Plant high-yielding hybrids with resistance to leaf blight and stalk rots.’
    • ‘Alturas is a very high-yielding potato that was originally developed for dehydrated products.’
    • ‘Now you may think that this problem may occur only to investors who buy high-yielding corporate junk bonds.’
    • ‘In this regard, I like the idea of high-yielding shares, as their returns tend to be slightly less volatile.’
    • ‘He sent out scientists who shared his dream of using hybrid breeding and genetic manipulation to create disease-resistant, high-yielding seeds.’
    • ‘There are high-yielding equity mutual funds that take advantage of the track record of such companies.’
    fertile, fruitful, rich, fecund
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