Definition of high-up in English:



  • A senior person in an organization.

    • ‘His colleagues remind him that they should not contemplate such a step without informing the high-ups.’
    • ‘As working people we have far more sympathy for Africans than the high-ups in Downing Street.’
    • ‘But Max soon changes his tune and ingratiates himself with the university high-ups.’
    • ‘When you get there, who will you make your case to - a high-up at the health department?’
    • ‘Some high-up members of the feis ring were also nabbed, according to Mitchell.’
    • ‘If it's good enough for the high-ups, it's gotta be good enough for me.’
    • ‘This is the first time I can remember a high-up member of the Allawi clique talking like this, and it shows they are afraid of something.’
    • ‘To use an analogy, are you going to the delivery boy about wrong or damaged goods, or directly to the high-ups to complain?’
    • ‘I'm not a major politico, or a high-up executive in a large corporation.’
    • ‘I went into a boardroom for the meeting, and two of the big high-up executives sat there and smoked cigars throughout the whole meeting.’
    • ‘The high-ups wanted him taken alive if possible, something I was happy with: I don't like killing if it can be avoided.’
    • ‘I have no doubt that the high-ups knew what was going on.’
    • ‘Jake was finally glad that he was appreciated somewhere, and high-ups at the Nightmare Crew were thanking the heavens for this blessing.’
    • ‘The police people did carry out the orders from the high-ups very sincerely and extended full co-operation to me on my midnight mission.’
    • ‘The high-ups are completely bought off, and they'd snuff out any movement against these guys.’
    • ‘I was also sitting near a personal assistant for some high-up executive.’
    • ‘I played very little part in setting up this interview and I'd been led to believe that I'd be talking to a couple of faceless high-ups.’
    • ‘Now I am, as you all well know, a quite important and high-up television person.’
    • ‘If you're a high-up at a large, international ad agency, I would like to talk to you.’
    • ‘The high-ups in the NHS aren't bothered - they go home at the end of the day and forget about it, we have to live with it.’
    at great height, high up, far up, way up, at altitude
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/ˈhī ˌəp//ˈhaɪ ˌəp/