Definition of high-ticket in US English:



  • another term for big-ticket
    • ‘That's the obvious question you ask before signing off on a high-ticket item like his fertilizer placement rig.’
    • ‘Just look at the stunning number of additional high-ticket transportation projects that are either already in the works locally, or need to be.’
    • ‘They do not consume many high-ticket products and score low on all indexes of owning electronic or technological products.’
    • ‘But it's not just high-ticket deals that are holding back the stock.’
    • ‘The waiters here push high-ticket items with such Elmer Gantry-like vigor, it's surprising they don't end each meal peddling Amway table crumbers.’
    • ‘Because of their high-ticket, commodity status, computer chips and mobile phones are favourites with so-called missing VAT trader fraud gangs.’
    • ‘Democrats are staging a high-ticket fund-raiser on Santa Monica Pier.’
    • ‘From modest to high-ticket restaurants, wine by the glass offerings, from ten to two hundred wines, in flights or in different sized portions, are catching on.’
    • ‘You'd sell millions of these high-ticket items every year.’
    • ‘Claudio describes it as ‘a high-ticket item with no price resistance in the market.’’
    • ‘It also decided not to expand its accessories business further, mainly table-top goods, as this was not seen as an suitable fit with high-ticket items.’
    • ‘These high-ticket wipes are faring somewhat better.’
    • ‘Most clients can't afford the high-ticket items that original paintings often become, said Davis.’
    • ‘On the whole, however, Irish consumers are paying more for high-ticket audiovisual items.’
    • ‘Mention the name Solid State Logic in audio circles and images of large, high-ticket, state-of-the-art consoles immediately come to mind.’
    • ‘Many people have also talked about motor vehicles being a high-ticket item.’
    • ‘Morale was low among the largely Scottish workforce as cheap imports priced out their high-ticket cashmere production.’
    • ‘With a current price of 50 cents per tag, the cost of tracking anything other than high-ticket, low-volume items is prohibitive.’
    • ‘Even as high-ticket items, separators are built to last, with many models lasting 15 to 20 years with minor adjustments and replacements.’
    • ‘Those high-ticket tables allow buyers that early shopping opportunity, first dibs on the best of the stuff.’