Definition of high-tech in US English:


(also hi-tech)


  • 1Employing, requiring, or involved in high technology.

    ‘a high-tech security system’
    • ‘Controversial new masts are springing up across Hampshire as a new high-tech police radio system is set to be launched.’
    • ‘He said firms had been attracted to the site by its proximity to the new A1 - M1 link and its hi-tech security.’
    • ‘All new CPUs are fine for general office applications, high-tech games require a faster one.’
    • ‘There is a lot of crossover in the technologies involved with high-tech devices.’
    • ‘Thieves managed to by-pass the hi-tech security systems and get into the aviary.’
    • ‘The high-tech gadgetry required was not cheap to install, though.’
    • ‘In June last year a gang foiled high-tech security and made off with a haul of priceless antiques.’
    • ‘He has also announced testing on a new, hi-tech tagging system which will allow such criminals to be monitored at all times.’
    • ‘It's the first time the committee has applied such a high-tech security system.’
    • ‘Glass bottles and jars require equally high-tech machinery for recycling.’
    • ‘There is also a boardroom, complete with plush leather seats, and a host of hi-tech support systems for the race management team.’
    • ‘Work is now being carried out on the city's bus stops so the high-tech system will be up and running from the start of December.’
    • ‘The pair were found thanks to a hi-tech rescue system of satellites which pick up SOS signals from aircraft around the planet.’
    • ‘Behind the drums, on his high-tech sound system, Dr Prince puts on a compact disc of Goran Bregovic.’
    • ‘It is a high-tech system that provides storage and distribution of clinical images across the whole hospital.’
    • ‘The latest high-tech security gadgets mean you can keep watch on your home even when you're hundreds of miles away.’
    • ‘Police are crediting their tougher stance, new hi-tech equipment and improved security here and in Europe for the drop.’
    • ‘A hi-tech security control room to monitor the crowds coming into the stadium has also been constructed.’
    • ‘The couple were quickly alerted to the disturbance by the high-tech security system around their home.’
    • ‘A key element of the mission would be the hi-tech electric propulsion system used to power the spacecraft, said Dr Walker.’
    practical, scientific, applied, applying science, non-theoretical
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    1. 1.1 (chiefly in architecture and interior design) using styles and materials, such as steel, glass, and plastic, that are more usual in industry.
      • ‘She said local residents would be able to use the high-tech lecture halls and computer facilities.’
      • ‘Plus I love the Ikon building itself - Victorian terracotta gothic meets hi-tech steel and glass.’
      • ‘The new airport is hi-tech all the way with lots of chrome and glass and some great architecture.’
      • ‘At the rear of each court is a high-tech glass wall that rises to the full height of the building.’
      • ‘Once opened, you are greeted with a very modern, high-tech interior which is deceptively spacious.’
      • ‘Its slanting steel rafters and sweeping interior vistas make it look more like a hi-tech business park than a secondary school.’
      • ‘In truth it combines all that is classically French in style with the very latest in hi-tech bar couture.’
      • ‘Nancy Jordan lived in a clean white house made of the latest hi-tech materials.’
      • ‘Powers marshals his material cogently and genially, from Arts and Crafts to high-tech.’
      • ‘The Chief Minister, A K Antony, inaugurated the hi-tech conference hall the other day.’
      • ‘Not a hi-tech, super-resistant, fibre glass wonder, just an ordinary bicycle.’
      • ‘Besides, hi-tech design material has been used to enhance the aesthetic appeal.’
      • ‘It was so high-tech looking, it could have been an emergency escape pod, or something.’
      • ‘Trying to foresee where this high-tech, artistic industry is headed can be akin to aiming at a moving target.’


  • short for high technology
    • ‘It will be an increasingly high tech affair, with motion sensors and all those goodies.’
    • ‘The high-tech industry experienced a big rally last year but has fallen back again this year.’
    • ‘Digital technology now makes up a portion of an organ, some parts of the factory look like a high tech lab.’
    • ‘Pozar is a longtime activist in the high tech community and has spent the past several years consulting as a network architect.’
    • ‘With the rise of the knowledge-driven high tech economy, things have begun to look different.’
    • ‘He starts with the information era and moves on to the next high tech world of molecular science.’
    • ‘Ireland must develop a high tech skill base and move up the value-added chain.’
    • ‘Last year 15,000 jobs were lost in the high tech sector as global firms retrenched.’
    • ‘It has been earmarked in the plan as a prime location for the siting of high-tech industry.’
    • ‘Using high tech haematology analysers, intolerant foods can be identified.’
    • ‘There was a high tech biro with a window that showed various security issues each time the button was pressed.’
    • ‘The jobs will be in the high tech software department in which the company has diversified in recent times.’
    • ‘Siemens is also planning to make greenfield investments in Bulgaria's hi-tech industry.’
    • ‘The loss of jobs is far more a function of everything from productivity to the end of the high tech bubble.’
    • ‘The high tech video effects are dazzling but ultimately unfulfilling.’
    • ‘In the high tech world of motor racing there is little time to consider beauty.’
    • ‘A year ago today he was the defiant leader targeted in a high tech missile strike - the first violent act of the war.’
    • ‘Concerns exist over Hewlett Packard and Compaq who are to merge in an effort to beat the scale down in the high tech sector.’
    • ‘In that sense this will be a crucial few weeks for the high tech sector due to report third quarter figures over the next two weeks.’
    • ‘Furthermore, the IT sector comprises only part of the hi-tech industry in Ireland.’