Definition of high-status in US English:



  • Ranking highly in a social or professional hierarchy.

    ‘high-status individuals’
    • ‘Perhaps you have noticed that popular and high-status people often make jokes about others to applause and laughter.’
    • ‘An elderly woman of high-status was buried at Scar with her possessions.’
    • ‘Although our mothers, by and large, continue to treat us as high-status as of right, no one else does.’
    • ‘Food also conferred status in Wales, and feasting was an important high-status activity there.’
    • ‘While some women in the 1930s gained responsible and high-status posts, many plans and directives for that end were not implemented.’
    • ‘At the onset of this research, it was suspected that the Riverside data would suggest the presence of high-status individuals.’
    • ‘At high-status companies people are often afraid to be critical.’
    • ‘There are few specialized or high-status jobs in Equatorial Guinea.’
    • ‘Largely as a result of mission training they generally enjoyed high levels of employment in high-status positions.’
    • ‘In real life she has become known as a high-status fashion symbol in hip hop.’
    • ‘The town consisted of buildings suggesting commercial activity tied to the military and the local populace, with little trace of high-status occupants.’
    higher-ranking, highest-ranking, high-ranking, superior, top, chief, more important, most important
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