Definition of high-sounding in English:



  • (of language or ideas) extravagant and lofty.

    • ‘The lack of adequate funding for the high-sounding aims proclaimed by the legislation has provoked opposition from the cash-strapped state governments that must implement the so-called reforms.’
    • ‘The problem with uttering such high-sounding rubbish is that a thousand - no, a million - fools can always be found to believe it.’
    • ‘Despite their high-sounding rhetoric, however, initial reforms were halting, and throughout the 1990s Ukraine endured severe stagnation.’
    • ‘Hurwitz came onstage and spouted high-sounding phrases for 45 minutes.’
    • ‘Too often, they were simply bantered around as high-sounding slogans.’
    • ‘Sure, again and again, I betrayed my own high-sounding calls for social justice and economic fairness.’
    • ‘This hall has heard enough high-sounding declarations to last us for some decades to come.’
    • ‘Divested of their high-sounding platitudes, these programs were intended to train the nation's future leaders.’
    • ‘With the curtain about to go up on the WTO Ministerial Conference in Cancún, there will be plenty of high-sounding statements calling for a successful outcome.’
    • ‘Some definitions were more high-sounding than accurate.’
    • ‘But what do these things mean for the pursuit of knowledge and the development of intellect - high-sounding phrases which were once seen as the primary purpose of higher education?’
    • ‘They make a rather high-sounding statement about principles underlying care and security, but in reality they want to achieve the same thing, to keep this problem under control, to keep the problem out of sight, out of mind.’
    • ‘Apart from a few high-sounding and hollow phrases in the election manifesto, they have moved even further to the right.’
    • ‘This high-sounding rhetoric is all well and good as theory, but it goes only so far in the real world, as other passing novelists point out.’
    • ‘Government broadcasting policy has always been surrounded by high-sounding rhetoric, but the need to ensure financial viability while filling the programming needs of a voracious medium has always been the basic driver of TV practice.’
    • ‘Our leaders have at last realised that the voter expects more than high-sounding speeches and slogans.’
    • ‘For beneath the high-sounding arguments lurks a far more sordid reality.’
    • ‘Instead, his speech to the UN assembly was full of high-sounding generalities and evasions.’
    • ‘Mankind to-day has had more than enough of high-sounding principles and beautiful declarations.’
    • ‘By this time the beliefs were given even more high-sounding names such as ideals, freedom, conscience, God, country, sacred path.’
    grand-sounding, grandiloquent, magniloquent, high-flown, extravagant, exaggerated, elaborate, flowery, florid, ornate, overblown, overripe, overdone, overwrought, grandiose, lofty, rhetorical, oratorical
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/ˈhaɪ ˈˌsaʊndɪŋ//ˈhī ˈˌsoundiNG/