Definition of high-principled in US English:



  • Acting in accordance with morality and showing recognition of right and wrong.

    ‘high-principled idealists bent on re-establishing democracy’
    • ‘In an age that favours froth over substance, and in a tough political world where simple ideas have to be hammered home, the presence of this high-principled intellectual is an anachronism.’
    • ‘Cynics would argue that the life companies' high-principled mantra - that mutual status means they are predisposed to do their utmost to benefit their policyholders - is pure hogwash.’
    • ‘He urged those gathered to "remain high-principled people who care about spiritual values rather than material goods."’
    • ‘His success in politics is not merely that of a courageous adventurer but that of a shrewd and high-principled man.’
    • ‘Behind the high-principled arguments debated before the courts and the cameras, there is a single-minded quest to get and keep the power of office.’
    • ‘The hard-hitting, high-principled, investigative journalists of this country have no price.’
    • ‘They would have to be very high-principled to reject the chance of getting something for nothing.’
    • ‘As colonial secretary he was efficient, high-principled, and even-tempered, and was willing to make allowances for the difficulties of his governors.’
    • ‘Unfailingly loyal, high-principled, but tolerant, courageous, and apparently tireless, she enjoyed indifferent health and slept little.’
    • ‘He was a very high-principled young man, who was a model citizen.’