Definition of high-pressure in English:



  • A condition of the atmosphere in which the pressure is above average (e.g., in an anticyclone)

    ‘the high pressure over Texas continues’
    [as modifier] ‘a high-pressure system moving down from the north’
    • ‘The stress of yet another late paper bore down on me like the high-pressure system that brought Philadelphia the sudden change in weather.’
    • ‘In fact, the very biggest dabs are often found inshore during periods when sprat shoals are tight to shore during flat calm seas in the middle of high-pressure weather systems.’
    • ‘As a result, regions to the east of a high-pressure center often have northerly winds bringing in relatively cold air while regions to the west have southerly winds bringing in relatively warm air.’
    • ‘That number reflects the difference in atmospheric pressure between a long-lived low-pressure area south of Iceland and a high-pressure area off the northwestern coast of Africa.’
    • ‘The scientists who discovered the collision likened it to two high-pressure weather fronts colliding to create hurricane-like conditions.’
    • ‘Southward migration is heaviest west of a cold front and east of a high-pressure center.’
    • ‘To make matters worse, a high-pressure system moving down from the north collided with the hurricane just as it reached inhabited territory.’
    • ‘With the high-pressure system's withdrawal from mid-May, rainfall is to be expected.’
    • ‘Britain basked last month because of a high-pressure weather system that arrived and stayed for more than two weeks.’
    • ‘Following the snow that had been falling, a high-pressure front moved into the area from the Atlantic on December the 18th.’
    • ‘It was near the end of the day and the high-pressure altitudes were preventing the CAP aircraft from reaching the primary search area so the CAP was preparing to call off the effort.’
    • ‘The rotating air mass creates a high-pressure system throughout the region.’
    • ‘Even though it's south (and looking south I can see a build-up of dark clouds now at dusk), the high-pressure air from our north is rushing towards the storm's low-pressure system.’
    • ‘For example, the interpretation of numeric weather data requires the identification of higher-level concepts, such as high-pressure systems and cold fronts.’
    • ‘It had been late August, the end of an uncharacteristically long period of high-pressure weather, and the sky was high and clear.’
    • ‘Changing atmospheric pressure may cause some joint aches, but once a high-pressure system arrives it can lower humidity and reduce these aches.’
    • ‘It rotates counterclockwise every six days, and this direction, plus its location in the southern hemisphere, indicates that it is a high-pressure zone.’
    • ‘Mr. Marschall states that a high-pressure system from the north caused the hurricane to stall.’


  • 1Involving or using much physical force.

    ‘high-pressure jets of freezing water’
    • ‘A fully active suspension moves each wheel up and down independently, usually by way of high-pressure hydraulic rams.’
    • ‘All of our aqueducts and a lot of the power grid, high-pressure gas mains, you know, all that stuff crosses the San Andreas.’
    • ‘Taking a hot bath and being pummelled by high-pressure underwater jets, surrounded by large numbers of other shower-capped individuals, has rarely felt so enticing as it does here.’
    • ‘Aerosol cans come in all shapes and sizes, housing all kinds of materials, but they all work on the same basic concept: one high-pressure fluid expands to force another fluid through a nozzle.’
    • ‘Three underground supply pipelines feed the depot, including a high-pressure oil pipeline from the Lindsey Oil Refinery in North Lincolnshire.’
    • ‘This reduces the delivery rate and energy required from the high-pressure fuel pump.’
    • ‘All bathrooms include a high-pressure shower system and an electric hairdryer for the convenience of guests.’
    • ‘One offender, who wished only to be known as Shane, was using a high-pressure water hose to remove graffiti that had been sprayed across the Co-op supermarket's wall.’
    • ‘When concrete has to be pumped far and fast, a high-capacity / high-pressure concrete pump should be used.’
    • ‘The turbines shut down suddenly, forcing a high-pressure plume of steam into the air high above the island.’
    • ‘We've removed a fair bit of heat from the refrigerant - it's now a high-pressure liquid at roughly ambient temperature.’
    • ‘Both these models had low-pressure and high-pressure, 5-cylinder, turbocharged engines, manual transmissions and automatic transmissions.’
    • ‘An enormous circular tunnel was being bored deep beneath the streets to carry high-pressure clean water.’
    • ‘Instead of a conventional engine intake manifold, a high-pressure injection system delivers fuel, a similar system to that used on the newest state-of-the-art diesel cars.’
    • ‘Here the water is atomised using high-pressure compressed air.’
    • ‘They don't use mechanical drills but jets of high-pressure hot water, which can cut through the full 500 metre thickness of ice in 24 hours.’
    • ‘Some of the wells contain a significant amount of gas, and fire-fighters have much more difficulty controlling and capping this type of high-pressure well, the group says.’
    • ‘Plasma levels of micronutrients were analyzed by high-pressure liquid chromatography.’
    • ‘Preliminary examination of the vessel showed the fire was caused by a leak in a high-pressure fuel line in the No. 2 engine room.’
    • ‘Then after the trays pass the visual inspection they are put through a high-pressure steam vacuum machine that sterilises the instruments.’
  • 2Involving a high degree of anxiety or stress.

    ‘he worked in a high-pressure advertising job’
    • ‘I will never forget the safety lessons I learned that night, or the courage the mission commander displayed in being the voice of reason in an extraordinarily high pressure situation.’
    • ‘They found that people working under high pressure to meet deadlines were six times more likely to suffer a heart attack within the next 24 hours.’
    • ‘Brendan Barber, the TUC General Secretary, who has been chairing talks, announced that further negotiations will be needed next week to resolve what he called a " high-pressure dispute ".’
    • ‘The high-pressure sales tactics the men used in Manchester were astonishingly successful.’
    • ‘He points out that it becomes very difficult for players to focus on high pressure tournament like the World Cup for too long.’
    • ‘Sure, like youive never been in a high-visibility, high-pressure situation and wound up doing something sub-optimal.’
    • ‘When emotions run hot or when circumstances are high pressure and there is ego, fear or frustrations boiling over, people often act physically if words fail them.’
    • ‘You know, I was under very high pressure since the demo cannot fail.’
    • ‘Many teams have survived after players faltered in high-pressure payoff situations.’
    • ‘Advances in our understanding of high-pressure behavior of biopolymers are closely linked to the design of equipment that extends existing experimental techniques to high-pressure research.’
    • ‘Mr. Corzine is hardly a stranger to high-pressure situations.’
    • ‘In the criminal mode, his office assists officers in solving crimes and responds to high-pressure situations.’
    • ‘At a time when India's experienced players are reluctant to take up this high-pressure job, Kumble's sentiment is admirable.’
    • ‘He also has a good temperament and sense of humor, which help in such a high-pressure role.’
    • ‘Admission to a long-term-care facility from a hospital is an important marker for higher pressure ulcer risk.’
    • ‘Human beings have a built-in response system to high-pressure situations.’
    • ‘Due to the high pressure of my project, it seems not feasible to do it soon.’
    • ‘We're a high pressure team, and are at our best when we put pressure on the ball and hunt in packs.’
    • ‘Stress is something which affects only those who have high-pressure lives.’
    • ‘Have undergone aviation style tests to ensure they won't explode under high pressure.’
    1. 2.1 (of a salesperson or sales pitch) employing a high degree of coercion; insistent.
      ‘high-pressure marketing tactics’
      • ‘The high-pressure sales tactics start and it becomes very difficult to say no.’
      • ‘Today, boiler rooms refer to unregulated companies that use high-pressure selling tactics to peddle dodgy shares by providing false or misleading information.’
      • ‘If the gyms in your area are shifting away from the high-pressure tactics of selling gym memberships, then I commend them, and I hope it is a trend that spreads to the rest of the United States.’
      • ‘Boiler rooms are commonly used to describe sales offices equipped with banks of telephones that employ people who use high-pressure selling tactics.’
      • ‘This means that they will continue to rip us off with high-pressure selling techniques - and even blatant mis-selling.’
      • ‘The M.E.N. sent a variety of undercover ‘customers’ into Market Street in Manchester city centre to experience the high-pressure sales tactics.’
      • ‘The workmen, who were initially evasive about how much they would charge, used high-pressure selling tactics after calling at the pensioner's cottage uninvited.’
      • ‘The main marketing tool it uses is high-pressure direct contact with participants, including phone calls that border on harassment, according to some participants.’
      • ‘‘All you get is the high-pressure sales pitch to change carriers,’ says Frick, alluding to some telecom solicitations.’
      • ‘Why do time-share sales have to be so high-pressure?’
      • ‘Stories of companies that practiced high-pressure, untargeted selling at inconvenient hours ran through the newspapers.’
      • ‘Boiler-room scams, which are often based in Europe, Asia and the US and involve high-pressure selling techniques, are a common type of investment scam.’
      • ‘O'Riordan was also concerned about the high-pressure sales techniques of the company and the high cost of the product.’
      • ‘I gather that a high-pressure sales pitch was used to persuade potential investors to make an instant decision to buy, and then to transfer money directly into the firms' bank accounts.’
      • ‘It should be a friendly call, not a high-pressure sales job.’
      • ‘High charges, stings buried in small print and the high-pressure selling of products that rarely deliver what is promised on the tin are the main complaints.’
      • ‘Once called, consumers are subjected to high-pressure selling techniques - and often part with their cash.’



/ˈhaɪ ˈˌprɛʃər/