Definition of high-low in US English:



  • 1historical A lace-up boot with a low heel, reaching to the ankle, worn by military personnel in the 18th and early 19th centuries.

    • ‘Despite this car-like performance, the Land Cruiser retains its very high off-road abilities, with permanent four wheel drive, a Torsen central differential and a high-low ratio gearbox.’
    • ‘Logistics must also link the high-low tourist seasons during which the number of tourist varies, plus the weather seasons.’
    • ‘After two remedial debates, the high-low feed your neighbor debate was reopened.’
    • ‘Roberts' team will play an up-tempo high-low offense, and he emphasized they would play loose.’
    • ‘There are more complex systems for counting, but none of them yield much more than the simple high-low count detailed here.’
    • ‘The high-low deuces were introduced, and the multiple scoring (where strikes were counted apart from points) was devised.’
  • 2US A poker game in which the high and low hands split the pot.

    • ‘And just to spice it up a bit and provide even more opportunities to get involved they make it high-low.’
    • ‘The next day, after a game of high-low, which she clearly did not win, Sarah demanded to check Mary's addition.’
    • ‘Remember compared to about 45,000 possible hands in Hold em, there are 270,725 hand combinations possible in Omaha high-low.’
    • ‘Asians prefer table games such as baccarat and high-low, which require skill, not just luck.’