Definition of high-level in US English:



  • 1At or of a level above that which is normal or average.

    ‘a high-level cistern’
    ‘high-level crop production’
    • ‘The high-level rail tracks in Sydney and in New York, however ugly they may seem to artists, remain a very practical way to cross big cities.’
    • ‘Our job is not easy; it requires a high-level understanding of mathematics and logic and takes years to learn.’
    • ‘It is a technology that requires high-level skills.’
    • ‘McAfee's decision to quit Holland for Ireland is seen as a coup by the IDA, which recently has been attracting high-level investment projects by Intel, IBM and Guidant.’
    • ‘Obviously others have done the vast majority of the work for me on this piece, so here's a few high-level links to collections of information that were invaluable to me in this writing.’
    • ‘The original fitted shelves below the high-level air bricks in the rear storage area have not been replaced.’
    • ‘These more complex learning tasks require high-level cognitive processing; that is, critical thinking, problem solving, and decision making.’
    • ‘After the weekend the group will be preparing for other high-level events, including matches in Germany and the next European Championships.’
    • ‘Hospitals are complex entities that incorporate elements requiring high-level technical support and servicing.’
    • ‘West Yorkshire Police and Leeds United had put in place a high-level security plan for the game after widespread predictions that home fans would react angrily to the return of Manchester United centre back Rio Ferdinand.’
    • ‘Once company leaders have determined that their operations strategy needs revising, they next need to focus on high-level requirements that a new strategy must meet.’
    • ‘His achievement, along with consistent high-level performances, meant Lampard finished second behind Barcelona's Ronaldinho in the European Footballer of the Year poll.’
    • ‘The Institute's high-level hockey performance coach, Australian Steve Colledge, has chosen a judicious mix of current internationalists and younger players being prepared for the future.’
    • ‘Since 2001, the association has tried to limit the wages paid to football players but its rules have been ignored by clubs who continued to try to attract high-level players with first-class wages.’
    • ‘A separate, fully monitored recovery area should be located directly adjacent to the procedure rooms for patients requiring immediate, high-level care.’
    • ‘Data obtained in these studies confirmed that initiation of asthma required a single high-level exposure.’
    • ‘At the rear, the talllight clusters are stacked vertically, positioned high out of harm's way, and a high-level brake light is integrated into the roofline above the two rear doors.’
    • ‘A high-level enquiry, Operation Lancet, investigated claims that officers under his command had given heroin to a suspect in return for a confession, and that known drug dealers had been tipped off in advance of a police raid.’
    • ‘There is thus considerable room for further expansion in order to meet the medium - to long-term demands of the knowledge society for high-level skills.’
    • ‘‘He has played high-level rugby union in New Zealand and I might try to get him over here as well, first with Hull RU and then with the Wasps,’ said Sorbello.’
    1. 1.1 Relating to or involving people of high administrative rank or great authority.
      ‘high-level negotiations’
      • ‘This problem won't be solved by one high-level official accepting symbolic responsibility and resigning - it's going to require profound systemic change.’
      • ‘The authors put forward a theory of a high-level cover-up that involved the CIA.’
      • ‘Levy, who assumed the top job late this summer, has held a variety of mid- and high-level administrative jobs at community colleges since 1989.’
      • ‘In December 1980 there was a high-level summit in Dublin between British and Irish ministers, and in 1981 a formal Anglo-Irish Intergovernmental Council was created.’
      • ‘I remember talking last year with a prominent member of the Russian military-industrial complex who had just returned from meeting high-level officials in the US.’
      • ‘Jordan has over 20 years' high-level management experience in multinational IT companies, most recently with EMC Computer Systems.’
      • ‘Thanks to its perceived strategic importance, the kingdom can count on high-level support in the capital, especially at the White House, State Department and Pentagon.’
      • ‘A spokesman for the Minister for Environment confirmed that high-level negotiations have been on-going, but declined to comment on the IFA proposals.’
      • ‘Over the past year the Australian government has been involved in a series of high-level negotiations with the US for a bilateral trade agreement.’
      • ‘Most of the women work in administrative or support positions; the high-level, key policy-making positions are predominantly held by men.’
      • ‘Their response was a series of publicly visible action plans with high-level industrial and political support.’
      • ‘I find it hard to believe he has high-level sources in the administration, let alone any who would talk to him and no other reporters about this.’
      • ‘It is unusual to hold high-level negotiations, except summits, outside a country's capital, the sources said.’
      • ‘We have more senior women in high-level management than any other company; 46 percent of our officers are women.’
      • ‘MPs promised homeowners a fairer deal and the government called high-level summits with the mortgage industry, warning that the dodgy deals had to stop.’
      • ‘Job opportunities will be created for not only high-level management but middle and lower-level employees as well.’
      • ‘His recent election as vice-president and chairman of the executive will see Mr Worsley involved in high-level talks with regional and national Government, and he will eventually hold the post of president.’
      • ‘The primary objective of the WLP was to increase the number of high-level women administrators at the University of Cincinnati.’
      • ‘House Speaker Agung Laksono said in a written speech earlier in the day that the legislature had asked the government to reconsider its plan to increase the salaries of high-level officials due to the strain on the state budget.’
      • ‘When she was offered the position of artistic director in 2000, she had no experience in high-level management.’
      high level, high point, record level, peak, record, high water mark
      high-ranking, leading, top, top-level, prominent, eminent, pre-eminent, foremost, senior, influential, distinguished, powerful, important, elevated, notable, principal, prime, premier, chief, main, upper, ruling, exalted, illustrious
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    2. 1.2Computing Denoting a programming language that is relatively accessible to the user, having instructions that resemble a natural language such as English.
      • ‘This capability means that programs are easier and faster to write in high-level languages and are easier to debug.’
      • ‘The above features would be easy and straightforward for an experienced Web/database programmer to implement in a high-level language, such as Perl or Python.’
      • ‘Java is a high-level programming language developed by Sun Microsystems to run in a web environment.’
      • ‘Developers often make use of high-level scripting languages as a way of quickly writing flexible code.’
      • ‘Although this obviously complicates things somewhat, modern high-level languages make the difference between these two data structures easily understood.’
    3. 1.3 (of nuclear waste) highly radioactive and requiring long-term storage in isolation.
      • ‘In addition, residents criticized the government's inability to deal with high-level radioactive waste.’
      • ‘For more than two decades, the United States government has been attempting to develop a plan for the storage of high-level nuclear wastes.’
      • ‘The campaign to keep high-level nuclear waste out of Utah and Nevada is just beginning.’
      • ‘More than 2700 canisters of high-level radioactive waste extracted from the fuel are due to be returned to Japan within the next 15 years.’
      • ‘Spent fuel can then be transported for reprocessing and low and high-level waste collected for storage.’



/ˈhī ˈˌlevəl//ˈhaɪ ˈˌlɛvəl/