Definition of high-heeled in US English:



  • (of a woman's shoes) having tall, thin heels.

    • ‘She wore high-heeled blue pumps.’
    • ‘She had flat slippers on her feet, much more comfortable than her usual high-heeled boots.’
    • ‘They made for a peculiar double act, one with his head hanging and shoulders slouching as if trying to lessen his loping height and the other in his high-heeled cowboy boots trying to elevate his modest stature.’
    • ‘I found a pair of red high-heeled open-toe shoes.’
    • ‘She had kicked off her high-heeled sandals and was gaining on me.’
    • ‘Dressed all in black with high-heeled boots, her hair is scraped back in a ponytail, revealing sculpted cheekbones.’
    • ‘I was wearing a spectacular green dress with high-heeled open-toe shoes.’
    • ‘The weather did not deter her from wearing a fashionable pair of high-heeled black suede frilled boots.’
    • ‘Most high-heeled shoes have pointed or narrow tips that squash toes into an unnatural triangular shape.’
    • ‘A few taped the doors closed, forcing an employee to kick it open with her high-heeled shoe.’