Definition of high-handed in US English:



  • Using power or authority without considering the feelings of others.

    ‘they oppose this cruel and high-handed takeover’
    • ‘All the while, however, they take the high-handed attitude that they know better than the average citizen and that, if there are bugs in Scottish water, then it is up to them to decide when the public will learn of the risks.’
    • ‘As a result of this high-handed attitude the credibility of the ministry has been severely weakened and it will take time for it to be rebuilt.’
    • ‘She has a reputation as an arrogant, high-handed judge, but at least she presumably knows what she's doing.’
    • ‘Lacking any grand political vision that might engage us, the European authorities resort instead to issuing high-handed advice on our habits and lifestyles.’
    • ‘As far as I am concerned it was a high-handed decision made without any regard for the feelings of the local people.’
    • ‘Like Churchill, he could be impetuous and high-handed but he was also, as Morris amply demonstrates, open to views other than those of sycophants, hangers-on and favour seekers.’
    • ‘While I am wholly in favour of recycling, I feel York council is going about their new system in a high-handed way without consulting those it affects.’
    • ‘The really galling element here is not that mistakes were made, but that their consequences for the taxpayer have been dismissed with such high-handed contempt.’
    • ‘But then her public championing of compassionate causes is largely at odds with the high-handed way she has treated those who obstruct her.’
    • ‘In a statement, he said: ‘This is not only high-handed incompetence on the part of the council but is also a classic case of profit before people.’’
    • ‘Unfortunately, the way this policy was implemented was perceived as high-handed and arrogant by many of the pensioners who thought they were simply being robbed.’
    • ‘How could she be attracted to such a rude, egotistical, high-handed, bossy man like him?’
    • ‘Their initial response was very high-handed and rather arrogant.’
    • ‘This refusal to have an enquiry is one more high-handed response to the reasonable concerns of the law-abiding public.’
    • ‘At the council meeting, Labour's David Green said the decision had been high-handed and senseless.’
    • ‘Their attitude throughout the trip was deemed high-handed and presumptuous by their hosts - accusations that were hardly new.’
    • ‘Such high-handed attitudes would now be thought patronising.’
    • ‘Its decision to remain outside the law demonstrates high-handed contempt for the rule of European Union law and must not go unchallenged.’
    • ‘He himself said the Government's handling of the crisis appeared high-handed and unsympathetic.’
    • ‘This smacks of authoritarianism and of a high-handed approach to state affairs, again reinforcing the notion that there is no real or sufficient balance of power.’
    imperious, arbitrary, peremptory, arrogant, haughty, domineering, bossy, overbearing, overweening, heavy-handed, high and mighty, lordly, inflexible, rigid
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/ˈhī ˈˌhandəd//ˈhaɪ ˈˌhændəd/