Definition of high-fiber in US English:


(British high-fibre)


  • Denoting or relating to food or a diet that is high or relatively high in fiber.

    ‘high-fiber breakfast cereals’
    • ‘The low-fat, high-fibre lifestyle isn't necessarily the healthiest for young children.’
    • ‘We should be encouraging ourselves and our families to eat high-fibre, wholemeal foods daily.’
    • ‘A special factory making bamboo-shaped high-fibre biscuits has been built to feed 30 pandas at a breeding centre in Chengdu, China.’
    • ‘This is the first time high-fibre intake has been associated with improved mental health.’
    • ‘Traditionally, diabetic cats are given a high-fibre diet to help them lose weight.’
    • ‘All hartebeest species have the ability to tolerate high-fibre grass that is low in protein.’
    • ‘Fruit and vegetables form part of any healthy diet, but young children should avoid too many high-fibre foods.’
    • ‘Banana stem is high-fibre, rich in vitamins, and good for kidney stones.’
    • ‘But the health benefits associated with a vegetarian diet can only be exploited if you eat properly and have a low-fat, high-fibre eating regime.’
    • ‘The key here is in the choice of high-fibre complex carbohydrates.’