Definition of hierogram in US English:



  • A sacred inscription or symbol.

    • ‘The portals of the Egyptian Temples are decorated with the hierogram of the Circle and the Serpent.’
    • ‘The plan on which Abury was built, is that sacred hierogram of the Egyptians and other ancient nations, the circle and snake.’
    • ‘The ancient seers, therefore, devised a cryptic language in which some of the words retain their normal meaning, while others are cryptograms or hierograms for spiritual and esoteric truths.’
    • ‘This explains the Egyptian reliance on hierograms, the Vedic preference for mandalas and yantras, the Druidical oral tradition and the Gnostic Tarot.’
    • ‘This hierogram is the symbol of the serpent, a circle with a snake passing through it, like a needle and thread.’