Definition of hierarchize in US English:



  • See hierarchy

    • ‘Far from aligning the artist and his sitter with a realm of esthetic universalism, Western art-historical tradition was seen to divide and hierarchize the world.’
    • ‘In contrast to Western literature, American Indian literature does not focus on the resolution of the conflict, nor does it revolve around a central character or hero, which would tend to hierarchize events in the literature.’
    • ‘The Border also critiques American law but hierarchizes Mexico by advocating emigration to Mexico and espousing a covert rhetoric of Mexican nationalism.’
    • ‘These researchers become comfortable with getting their news from a broader range of sources, while at the same time searching for new ways to hierarchise those sources, to establish some as more legitimate than others.’
    • ‘Our feminism recognizes the interconnectedness among race, class, gender, and sexuality and refuses to hierarchize oppression or to fragment identities.’