Definition of hide one's head in US English:

hide one's head


  • Cover up one's face or keep out of sight, especially from shame.

    • ‘He's silent for a few minutes hiding his head in my chest.’
    • ‘Certainly, there are moments that resonate beyond others, and everyone associated with that debacle should just hide their head in shame.’
    • ‘They stared at him, until he hid his head in shame.’
    • ‘Summer looks mortified, she goes bright red and hides her head, but her mother and the other two mothers don't even notice’
    • ‘Oh the shame of it Kim thought, she tried to avoid the stares by hiding her head in her hands, she could already feel the warmth flushing into her cheeks.’
    • ‘I continued to hide my head, until Will lifted my chin gently and looked at me.’
    • ‘She sat down on the couch, hiding her head in her hands.’
    • ‘He did not say more, but only hid his head and shuddered.’
    • ‘Donna looks over but hides her head in her menu as the woman starts to shout at the bartender.’
    • ‘I looked at Deidre again, and she was still hiding her head in her hand, shaking it as if she couldn't believe she'd just done that in the elevator.’