Definition of Hidatsa in US English:



  • 1A member of a North American people living on the upper Missouri River in North Dakota.

    • ‘Extended stays at Fort McKenzie and Fort Union and a five-month visit among the Mandans and Hidatsas afforded an unprecedented opportunity to document the people, traditions, and history of the upper Missouri region.’
    • ‘Five years prior to the corps' arrival, the Hidatsas had captured Sacagawea from the Shoshones near the Three Forks.’
    • ‘He met the Crows in June 1805 at the Knife River villages of the Mandans and Hidatsas on the upper Missouri.’
    • ‘The Hidatsa even kept a two-year supply of seed corn.’
    • ‘In Bodmer's painting Pehriska Ruhpa, an eminent Hidatsa, is shown wearing a large headdress with a medial fan of turkey tail feathers (a probable war symbol) and an upright red plume.’
  • 2The Siouan language of the Hidatsa.

    • ‘Hidatsa, like many languages, is on the verge of vanishing and taking with it crucial linguistic and cultural data.’


  • Relating to the Hidatsa or their language.

    • ‘In Hidatsa households, men with many ‘children’ were materially better off than those with few or no ‘children,’ and assimilation of war captives into various clans was rapid.’
    • ‘From the Hidatsa towns, Larocque traveled with his hosts southwest to the Powder River, then up what is today Clear Creek to the base of the Bighorns.’
    • ‘Described as ‘the central marketplace of the Northern Plains,’ the five Mandan and Hidatsa villages attracted many Europeans and Indians alike.’
    • ‘Mackay and Evans were the unlikely duo hired by the Spanish government to expel British traders from the Maridan and Hidatsa villages at the confluence of the Knife and Missouri Rivers.’
    • ‘On the northern Plains are found the Crow, Hidatsa, and Dakota (also known as Sioux) languages.’


From Hidatsa hiratsa ‘willow wood lodge’.