Definition of hic in US English:



  • Used in writing to express the sound of a hiccup, especially a drunken one.

    • ‘So will you * hic * tell me what happened this morning?’
    • ‘He could have told me - hic - instead of letting her say something - hic - like that!’
    • ‘When the farmer had arrived safely in the dock he looked about in a very dreamy manner, and in answer to the Magistrates' Clerk said ‘Prapsh I have had - hic - a lil drop - hic - er whisky,’ provoking great hilarity in the court.’
    • ‘And I've been hitting the bottle in the evenings to help me get by. (* hic *)’
    • ‘One to see in the New Year, hic, and one for ya birfday.’


Late 19th century: imitative.