Definition of hibernation in US English:



  • 1The condition or period of an animal or plant spending the winter in a dormant state.

    ‘grizzly bears gorge on seeds to prepare for hibernation’
    ‘honeybees are waking from their winter hibernation’
    • ‘Yearling snakes can use maternal scent cues to seek out their first hibernation den.’
    • ‘This lizard avoids a winter hibernation phase by the use of sun basking behaviors.’
    • ‘The German-based team say their study is the only report of prolonged hibernation in a tropical mammal.’
    • ‘Snow pack and other natural insulators can keep the frogs sufficiently warm during their winter hibernation.’
    • ‘When a mammal prepares for hibernation, its body temperature lowers to near-freezing temperature.’
    • ‘Bats typically accumulate body fat in autumn, which serves as the main energy source until emergence from hibernation in spring.’
    • ‘It's critical to weigh your turtle or tortoise prior to hibernation.’
    • ‘Frogs in deep hibernation take longer to emerge to answer the call of the spring mating season.’
    • ‘Upon emergence from hibernation, the lizards were caught by hand.’
    • ‘When the bear came out of hibernation, she found areas where she used to feed last year are currently under development.’
    1. 1.1 An extended period of remaining inactive or indoors.
      ‘the fair-weather cyclists are emerging from winter hibernation’
      ‘we shut down, went into hibernation for a week’
      • ‘The triumph marked a successful emergence from a prolonged hibernation for the sport in Myanmar.’
      • ‘Once your lawn starts to grow again, it's time to bring your mower out of hibernation.’
      • ‘His self-imposed hibernation from films in the eighties was the result of a "negative trend" in the industry.’
      • ‘Coney Island is slipping slowly into winter hibernation.’
      • ‘After a period of hibernation, corporate mergers and acquisitions are back on the agenda.’
      • ‘This is the time to plan seasonal promotions that will bring customers out of hibernation.’
      • ‘Progressive rock went into enforced hibernation at the onset of punk.’
      • ‘Dated references inadvertently betray the film's prolonged hibernation in development limbo.’
      • ‘The band has undergone many periods of hibernation.’
      • ‘Nearly 10 months after leaving office, he plans to emerge from self-imposed political hibernation this week.’