Definition of hi-hat in US English:


(also high-hat)


  • A pair of foot-operated cymbals forming part of a drum kit.

    • ‘‘Deafening’ opens the disc with soothing guitar chords, bells, and violin droning over a tight high-hat and snare-rim beat.’
    • ‘With an uninspiring production, minimalist pulsing hi-hats and grime-like offset claps, it doesn't seem nearly as Wu-centric as one would hope.’
    • ‘Brunelle throws in plenty of house clichés (off-beat hi-hats and the like), but subverts them, turning them into vital parts of the song.’
    • ‘This track showcased Peart's finesse on the hi-hat and cymbals while Lee pulled out his unique flamenco bass playing chops.’
    • ‘A sparkling hi-hat percussion line, lyrical ‘little bird’ metaphors of ‘loveless love,’ and an endgame of girls laughing make it an aural delight.’
    • ‘The Rhythm Traveller comes with just the hi-hat and a single cymbal stand and cymbal.’
    • ‘The bass twirls about the whiplashing snares, the snuffed hi-hats giving the impression that the Neptunes had a hand in the production.’
    • ‘Making no use of the hi-hat or cymbals, Kathi's drumming is insistent and tribal adding a real primal ebb to each song.’
    • ‘A modest drum kit is a kick, snare, two toms, a couple of cymbals and a hi-hat.’
    • ‘The bass jumps in with the hi-hat (with kick drum soon to follow) to imply a space for some power chords.’
    • ‘A solid kick drum, a crisp hi-hat, some subtle echo effects: each makes an appearance and, more importantly, each counts.’
    • ‘A soft hi-hat danced around what had become a seven-four time signature, marked only by the high trills that before were only starting to form.’
    • ‘Even the hi-hat and the crash cymbals are electric blue.’
    • ‘Then the hi-hat was overdubbed as a separate track.’
    • ‘Blood Axe was making the gong roll out solemn notes with one hand while beating hell out of the top cymbal of his hi-hat with the other.’
    • ‘‘Privacy,’ for example, features an electric piano accompanying what sounds like rustling pages as well as a hi-hat, cymbals, and rimshots.’
    • ‘The hi-hat, thumping bass and ceaseless ringing in ‘Outrun’ will sound familiar to fans of the band's 1996 debut Homework.’
    • ‘The snare drum was a Neumann KM84, the hi-hat was a KM86 and the toms were U87s.’
    • ‘Acoustic guitar strums race into the picture, egged on by electronically produced hi-hats and bass drums.’
    • ‘But all the cymbals were overdubbed, and for the hi-hat, we made this box to make it quieter because the room was [made of] stone.’