Definition of hex sign in US English:

hex sign


  • A design usually in the shape of a star, wheel, or rosette on a circular field. Formerly, hex signs were painted on barns, especially by the Pennsylvania Dutch, and were thought to ward off evil.

    • ‘Feathers are cut to make quill pens that the students will write with, and hex signs are painted in the style of these traditional barn designs.’
    • ‘The silk screening process has made hex signs more readily available throughout the world.’
    • ‘Pages of colorful hex signs will help you recognize and appreciate their beauty.’
    • ‘When new, the facade of the chest sometimes resembled a patchwork quilt; others were decorated with beautiful circular designs that resembled mandalas or so-called hex signs painted on barns in Pennsylvania.’
    • ‘Created as a hex sign by the Amish, this potent talisman traditionally attracts Serenity and Inner Strength.’
    • ‘These are beautiful examples of hex signs that appear on barns in southeastern Pennsylvania.’
    • ‘In the winter of 1999 she received a phone call out of the blue from someone looking for an artist to paint a custom hex sign for a new barn.’
    • ‘This religious difference helps explain why hex signs are not found everywhere in southeastern Pennsylvania.’
    • ‘The hex signs are also painted on candles; household goods such as kitchen utensils and racks; and on wooden and metal disks which can be hung in windows.’
    • ‘The dark oak bar was decorated with green-striped squashes; tulip hex signs lined the shelves.’