Definition of heterozygosis in English:



  • 1The state of being a heterozygote.

    • ‘The shortcoming of ISSR markers, as with RAPDs, is that most bands are scored as dominant markers, giving no possibility to distinguish between homozygosis and heterozygosis directly.’
    • ‘It was also at BARC that Wright first proposed the variable he designated as F to express an inbreeding coefficient, the mathematical correlation that measures the decrease in heterozygosis from that in the foundation stock.’
    • ‘The majority of chromosomes carrying these inversions will be found in heterozygosis, and thus we expect a larger reduction of recombination than in inversions with higher frequency.’
    • ‘It was 1913 before convincing cytological evidence for female heterozygosis was produced in moths.’
    1. 1.1Biology The formation of a zygote through the fusion of genetically different gametes.