Definition of heterotypic in US English:



  • 1Different in form, arrangement, or type.

    1. 1.1Biology Relating to the first of the two nuclear divisions of meiosis.
      • ‘These domains are thought to be involved in homotypic or heterotypic interactions among the septins themselves or in interactions between the septins and other proteins.’
      • ‘Such homotypic and heterotypic aggregates in vivo often regulate the progress of inflammatory diseases, cardiovascular ailments, and cancer metastasis.’
      • ‘This is consistent with the notion of heterotypic continuity, whereby the symptomatic expression of an underlying, temporally stable pathology differs over the course of development.’
      • ‘However, the stoichiometry of these proteins in a single tight junction fibril and their oligomerization into heteromeric and heterotypic assemblies are not known.’
      • ‘This conclusion is based on the results of the many measurements described in this study, which include both homotypic and heterotypic interactions with several different fragments.’