Definition of heterotransplant in English:



  • another term for xenograft
    • ‘Tumor heterotransplants are thus proposed as relevant models to evaluate new potential anti-tumor agents for treatment of different cancers and to predict clinical response in individual patients.’
    • ‘Chimera reversal occurred in all 5 of the delayed heterotransplants which survived until the 45th day postirradiation.’
    • ‘The effects of immunosuppression on infection were realized in early heterotransplants even though the primary cause of failure was organ rejection.’
    • ‘Cyclosporin has been used as an immunosuppressant or antiinflammatory agent in organ transplants, for example, heart, lung, liver, kidney, pancreas, skin, cornea, and numerous other heterotransplants.’
    • ‘These heterotransplants are lung tumors that have been directly transferred from patients to mice without intervening cell culture, an innovative model that we think may better reflect cancer growth in vivo.’