Definition of heterolysis in US English:



  • 1Biology
    The dissolution of cells by lysins or enzymes from different species.

  • 2Chemistry
    The breakdown of a compound into oppositely charged ions.

    • ‘The conclusion was that homolysis and heterolysis did not take place; furthermore the paper summarized the chemistry of peroxynitrite known at that time.’
    • ‘The energy required to break a given bond of some specific compound by heterolysis.’
    • ‘By mutations that place the histidine in a similar distance to the heme as in the active site of peroxidases, compound I of myoglobin has been observed, probably owing to an increased rate of heterolysis.’
    • ‘However, heterolysis is the main process for generating the isolated phenoxy radicals.’
    • ‘This showed the reaction to proceed via the formation of a ring-closed carbonium ion-intermediate at C1, and the rate-determining step to be the subsequent heterolysis of the C1 - O bond.’
    • ‘In accordance with this embodiment, the dye cation formed from heterolysis of the leuconitrile color former is bleachable at high doses of actinic radiation.’