Definition of heteroatomic in US English:



  • See heteroatom

    • ‘The features of the distribution and composition of heteroatomic crude oil components remaining in rocks of the reservoir developed by water flooding have been revealed.’
    • ‘It is also shown that both nondynamical and dynamical correlation energies follow very simple additivity rules in linear and branched planar chain heteroatomic polyenes, making possible their prediction in very large systems without calculation.’
    • ‘The present study confirms that heteroatomic cage compounds originate by sulfurization of polycyclic hydrocarbons during TSR.’
    • ‘Reported are the first heteroatomic deltahedral Zintl ions made of elements differing by more than one group, indium or gallium and bismuth.’
    • ‘Homoatomic and heteroatomic refers to the kind of atoms present in the substance.’